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2015-04-03 20:19:07
Courtney (Guest)
Orea Cafe

no coffee

This place is terrible. .really went down hill since new owner's took it.. I used to go there and have lunch there a lot ..made fresh. .and coffee was amazing. This place has no food. Coffee burnt..its a shame. Where did that lovely blonde lady go..Greek I think..

2015-03-17 19:10:15
Sandy from Sydney (Guest)
Rollonin Cafe

Wonderful Place

If travelling on the Hume, must stop at this place
very different to any other place I have seen.
So clean and tidy, love the country theme .
The coffee was perfect just like i like it.
Had a flat white and the picture on the milk was
tops, very clever, and the scone was amazing.
Staff very friendly, and will make this my regular stop from now on

2015-03-09 10:59:03
Mike (Guest)
Gosh Coffee

Nice building

That's all I can say. What happened to the long queue at mid morning, why have the customers reduced. Coffee has gone from good to bad, no more smiling staff but hate to say "rude"

2015-03-09 10:52:11
Allison (Guest)
Gosh Coffee

Bad service

Probably the worse coffee and service with grumpy waitress, grumpy all the time

2015-03-05 03:53:53
Leila (Guest)
Gosh Coffee

Bad coffee, worse service

It is sad to waste such beautiful historic building in the hands of people who don't know anything about making coffee and provide bad service

2015-03-01 08:37:38
Chez (Guest)
d cafe

Too Rude for Words

The little man that runs this place is a PIG. This was the first and will be the last time that I will visit this establishment. There are other Cafe's in the Hawkesbury who will benefit from people avoiding this place. Everything seemed to be to much trouble for him, from taking my order to serving my meal. This little pig of a man has a bad ATTITUDE. Steer Clear of this place.

2015-02-21 06:27:47
David C (Guest)
Baci Lounge

Impartial Much

Love the previous reviews impartiality; she's the owner / manager!
Coffee is gash, service is dreadful. Ambience is nice however.
There's better places along Given to have a coffee.

2015-01-22 19:09:30
Laquisha (Guest)
d cafe


I was absolutely horrified by the terrible food coffee and customer service for starters my coffee tasted burnt and old! Secondly the food was not like it used to be it was bland and undercooked! Thirdly the customer service... Don't even get me started how dare that stupid red headed butch come over and ask my mentally disabled son to be quiet and tell me that he is making too much noise! I don't get to go out much as I have to attend his needs 24/7 but I took him for a milkshake now... As for the comments regarding Peggy when she worked and managed the cafe it was extremely well run and she was always polite and took time to come and say not only hello to me but to my son! She has great customer service skills and due to her high quality of work I stayed in contact and I now take myself and my son the extra 20 minutes drive just to see her and I am glad to know that she now manages the cafe she works at! Very happy for her! As for the red headed mole I suggest she grow some balls or sincerely in the nicest way remove her extremely large head from her wide set vagina and realise that sometime children make noise!! Especially my son! Now in regards to the fat pedophile pig that runs the place he can also kiss my ass as he has done nothing but be the greatest asshole I have ever met! I would never go back to this cafe as the service and very poor customer service skills have made it nothing more then a junk heap that should be bulldozed along with those two judgement and arrogant assholes who run it! I am one very ****ed off customer and to read those comments in regards to Peggy! Please **** off and find a pair of balls! Nothing but cruel words for the most genuine person I know! Sincerely kiss my ass!

2015-01-18 17:31:10
Jack p (Guest)
Three Williams

Very good

Very good coffee will be back
Thank you for the service

2015-01-15 15:33:59
Sam winters (Guest)
Stranded Gourmet

Great coffee

Thank you for the great service and the excellent coffee
Great flat white nice and close to my work

Results 21 - 30 of 2800
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