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Reviews:4 Hits:1182

Cnr London Circuit & East Row,
ACT, 2600,
Trading Hours:

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Reviews (2)
2008-05-31 15:22:46

Be Aware

My partner and I dined at Cafe Macchiato on Thursday night. After enjoying a very delicious meal we had our dining experience ruined by being blatantly ripped off when we paid our bill. We were charged an extra $1 over the menu price on each of the beers that we'd ordered and also another couple of dollars on one of our main courses. When we questioned the bill the bartender and waiter both gave us a guilty little laugh put their hands over their mouth in mock shock and said "oopps sorry" What a fine little scam they have going there!! I would expect a cafe that size would get anywhere from 20 to 40 covers on an average night and up to 100+ on Friday - through to the weekend. If they inconspicuously charge just one $1 extra on all bills they are making a tidy little sum each night. I find this pretty disgraceful.
We were annoyed because our steaks were very very good and cooked to our liking. The sauces had good flavour and blended well with the style of the dish. The cafe had a nice ambience to it, a decent menu and, up until this point the service had been very good. This is a warning to the owner - and the chef - you are being taken advantage of. On the above mentioned basis I will not recommend your establishment to any of my friends or colleagues - which is a shame because the food speaks for itself.
2008-02-01 23:01:12

THE worst service!

Last night after our comedy show at the Canberra Theatre my friends and I decided to get some hot chocolate at your cafe/bar. It was a total of 3 hot chocolates and $4.90 p/p, we all had $10 dollar bills and no change. The bar tender told us in a very unpleasant manner that she didn’t split bills and that nowhere in Canberra would we find anybody who did. And so I said: “it is only 3 hot chocolates and we don't have change” her response: “I am not going to argue with you, figure it out on your own.” I of course was appalled by her response So again I responded “you do realize you are in the customer service industry don't you”
One of my friends was not going to stand and tolerate such rudeness and pays the bill. And so, the bartender says to us “se ya later” My obvious response was “no you won't and as we all turned our backs she dared to say “customers like you I don't want back!”

We walked out speechless.... It was unbelievable!

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