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Reviews:8 Hits:4620

200 George Street,
Sydney, NSW,
Telephone: (02) 9251 7040
Trading Hours: Mon/Fri 6am to 5pm
Coffee: Piazza D'Oro

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Reviews (6)
2013-02-25 16:04:48

Not happy Jan

Worst service ever.
The Middle aged women behind the counter have serious attitude problems. Seating available to sit in, don't bother the old del haired lady will just stare you out as you discover she's put salt on your wrap as well as pepper. Don't go here. The young guy who I think owns it seems alright, and should ditch the old ladies
2010-05-30 21:15:00

my daily blend

I've been coming here every day, 3 times a day for 3 years for coffee and lunch. It's the best coffee and sandwiches within a 15 minute walk of Circular quay. Our event manager uses their catering once a week for breakfast and lunch and it's always been spot on.
2009-10-05 07:31:27

the best coffee ever

i was in australia to do some travel and work and i worked it this café for a couple of months in 2006/2007. i don´t know how everything is going on there right now but i have to say, that i got the best coffee there i´ve ever had. the owner is a super kind person and the barister did a perfect job.
so if you want to get a really nice coffee, go to blend on george
2009-06-19 12:02:55

Service & Food is nasty & cheap

I asked for Brown Turkish Toast with no butter and little vegemite. I had to wait for ages before ordering and there were only 2 customers and three people behind the counter!! There was no eye contact acknowledging anyone had seen me and eventually when I did get served the lady (Barbara) just threw some bread into the press - not telling me they didn't have brown turkish - they just assumed I would want white turkish - and then when eventually I got the toast which was "slung to me" without any eye contact whatsoever because she was busy yakking to someone else, I discovered it was completely pressed flat, was white not brown and was smothered in vegemite. When I discovered this, I took it back to the counter and another service operator rolled his eyes at me, slung the package into the bin and mentioned something in a passive-aggressive tone about me supposedly wanting another one. I just decided it wasn't worth it even though I had paid the money. I was really astounded by how rude they were without any cause!!! Unbelievable and I can bet any food prepared by those cranky people would be horrible!!
2008-12-01 11:14:05

Customer Service here ****s

Time and time again I come into this place, (work locally), the girls behind the counter are the catiest women I have ever met, they do not care about customers and are always too busy talking amongst themselves. Food here is average... go somewhere else.
2008-07-09 12:57:24

Shiver Me Timbers!

I had heard good things about Blend on George Street, and I must say on
first appearances the surroundings did not inspire; quite an old, run down
interior and staff overdressed in outfits that were a flashback to the
past. This was all peripheral however, it was coffee that brought in the
punters by the truckload, and, with a standard latte or cappuccino starting
at $2.80 for a regular size takeaway, I had high expectations. The barista
did his thing with minimal fuss as I eagerly awaited the outcome.

The first thing that hit me was the creaminess of the concoction,
overflowing once the lid was extracted from the paper cup - good news for
someone like myself with a penchant for all things from a cows udder, but maybe a little
too much for most. The coffee itself was flavoursome and the richness of bean
ej@culated onto my pallette, as all good coffee does, but there was
something lacking. The coffee was definitely too watery and the fullness of
bean had not been encapsulated. Whilst I can't be 100% sure I tasted
evidence that the beans utilised had been somewhat traumatised on their
journey from Columbia, something that could be put down to any number of
reasons: harsh seas, a boat captain that did not provide all the creature
comforts they desired, cramped living quarters for 2 months or at worst a
pirate attack that shook them to their core and sent them deep into their
shells. Whatever it was, it had an effect on the end product, and the
panache and frivolity that one so desires did not manifest as the sips
continued like sands in an hourglass..

In summary, not too bad, but not worthy of the glowing reputation that
precedes it, nor the $2.80 price tag.

3 coffee beans out of 5.

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