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Reviews:37 Hits:4686

18 Victoria Street,
Castle Hill,
Sydney, NSW,
Trading Hours: mon/sat 9am to 5:30pm sun 10am to 5pm
Coffee: Piazza D'Oro

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Reviews (35)
2015-01-11 17:41:09


Fantastic coffee flat white was just perfect
Will be back
2013-02-24 11:58:19

Thank god there gone

All I have to say, THANK GOD. Finally the owner woke up to himself and realized he has no idea how to run a cafe.
This place was the worst place I had der been to. I'm glad I could take my kids to that play area outside and not have to look at or walk past that hole they called a cafe. And the pathetic **** poor effort they call customer service.
2012-10-30 05:03:16

Sadly missed

The bacon egg roll with a med coffee are $8 @ that's cheap! And taste amazing! Now I'm back , and on the weekend I headed of to the centre . And d cafe is gone . I was only gone around 2 months Now where do I get a decent coffee , ? Sadly missed
2012-09-08 06:41:08

One of the best ever cafes

I've been a regular at d cafe, for a long time. To my disappointment it's now gone, I asked the other retailers of what happened , where did he go , if Brisbane wasn't so far I definatly would drive there. To the owner mate you severed the best coffee I've ever had, your meals were always excellent, your service from
You and your staff I could never fault , to all those other wingers you really had nothing to winge about , you all must lead pathetic life's. No where in the Hills district ever had what you provided, best of luck were ever you are , sadly missed:(, Ross. 1
2012-08-14 11:58:49

I am not the liar you made me out to be

BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! Please read my previous post. I told two staff members I was taking my daughters to the toilet and we will be back. I ordered two servings of the pancakes and a pasta dish for myself. This was a rare treat for my girls. My gorgeous eldest daughter had not be out of the house for a month as she had been very sick. We had just returned from her doctors and we were celebrating as she got clear bill of health. Serving size and money were not an issue at all.Your staff"s MISTAKE was the issue. To the owner who claims he wasnt there on the day, i'm sorry but I was told you were the owner. Your staff has given you a completely different version of the story. Rest assured I will NEVER return to your cafe. Mc Donalds provides better customer service.
2012-08-08 21:16:21

lovely meals

Well crumbbed schnitzel partnefmrs open toastie was just how he liked it. Will go again.
2012-07-31 22:10:24


I wrote a review a couple of months ago...
Someone decided to write a comment from a guest babe like mine saying I got the wrong cafe... Makes it even more pathetic ....

Here is my review again... And it is to the right cafe....


Honestly, this was the worse experience ever.
Myself my wife and 2 kids went there today.
They wer fast to take our order.
It took 30 min for a coffee
50min for a piece of chicken with mushroom sauce
The chicken sandwich my wife ordered never came.

We asked them for a plastic Cup for my son 4 times
I ended up walking to the kitchen and asking them if I can go get one myself.

We should of know how bad this place was considering we had seen a few people walking away shaking there head.

Then as we got up to just walk away
They came up with they are very busy today.
There was 5 table in there
I would hate to see how they are when they are busy.

Anyways we got up, fed up with the crappy service
And not even finished what they did serve.
Told the girl at the counter to charge us for what we have been served.
To top it of. They didn't know what we had ordered or how much to charge.
Do I had to go through step by step
I advise anyone and everyone DO NOT GO THERE.
And If the owner reads this
You really need to work something out.
And your chef is rude and not a very good chef either.

Someone decided to write a comment from a guest babe like mine saying I got the wrong cafe... Makes it even more pathetic ....
2012-05-18 14:51:59

Excellent food

Had lunch here today ,the chicken schnitzel burgers they are to die for . Keep up the good work , we ll defiantly be back.
2012-04-21 14:19:11


I absolutely love their hot drinks. I occasionally have lunch there but would like to see more variety. Same with breakfast. I occasionally have the fruit toast (which is soooo nice) but wouldn't mind a bacon and eggs now and again. More food variety would have me there every day. Desserts are grey though!
2012-04-16 14:31:03


I found this place off my iPhone. Im from melb its hard to find a good coffee in Sydney I had espresso there yesterday it was to die for. The home baked muffins were very nice and yummy. If you in the area stop in and have a look :)

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