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Reviews:37 Hits:4585

18 Victoria Street,
Castle Hill,
Sydney, NSW,
Trading Hours: mon/sat 9am to 5:30pm sun 10am to 5pm
Coffee: Piazza D'Oro

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Reviews (35)
2012-04-15 11:48:39


Sorry i got the wrong cafe :)
2012-04-01 13:56:17


Honestly, this was the worse experience ever.
Myself my wife and 2 kids went there today.
They wer fast to take our order.
It took 30 min for a coffee
50min for a piece of chicken with mushroom sauce
The chicken sandwich my wife ordered never came.

We asked them for a plastic Cup for my son 4 times
I ended up walking to the kitchen and asking them if I can go get one myself.

We should of know how bad this place was considering we had seen a few people walking away shaking there head.

Then as we got up to just walk away
They came up with they are very busy today.
There was 5 table in there
I would hate to see how they are when they are busy.

Anyways we got up, fed up with the crappy service
And not even finished what they did serve.
Told the girl at the counter to charge us for what we have been served.
To top it of. They didn't know what we had ordered or how much to charge.
Do I had to go through step by step
I advise anyone and everyone DO NOT GO THERE.
And If the owner reads this
You really need to work something out.
And your chef is rude and not a very good chef either.
2012-03-26 09:41:17


These guys really know how to make coffee, challenge anyone to them , friendly staff too:) 10/10
2012-03-22 13:19:20


Tried the satay chicken pizza , fantastic for $10.00,I'll defiantly be back coffee is ok
2012-03-14 16:59:48


Ok, I am the owner of d cafe and on the day Coral is taking about I was not at the cafe. Coral did not tell my staff she was going to the rest rooms, to take her children. Coral did tell my staff the meals were too large for her children to eat and could she pay a lesser price ! Coral was then asked if she would like to take the left over food with her, so she did, and she was asked to pay the full cost of the meals she had know this web site is a great thing , but when customers like Coral abuse the site ,well this makes it very hard for cafe owners. Coral if you have a problem with my cafe please don not come back or come and see me
2012-03-09 14:00:42

Disgusting, Disgusting Service!!!

DO NOT leave your table to go to the toilet at this place unless you have finished your meal. I had to take my young daughters to the toilet, I informed two staff members I was doing so and that I will be back to finish our barely touched meals. We return from the toilet and the meals have been thrown out. The owner of this place is a horrible man and we were expected to pay for our meals. This was their error yet we were made to feel like we had to fix it. I did pay for the meals also more fool me.
2012-03-09 12:54:03

Many memories

Been away from S A ,for many years now, and I found this cafe that serves mince on toast like back home ,yum 10/10.
2012-02-06 12:18:21


We are new to Australia from England and have found this great cafe . My husband and I highly recommend it great Sunday breakfast 10/10.
2012-01-29 08:27:49


Great coffee and muffin deals worth going to.good service friendly staff
2011-12-17 16:27:13


Had coffee and lunch there today with friends , excellent . I own a cafe too , but bad to say my cafe isn't as good, I must speak to the owner , excellent work 10/10.:)

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