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Reviews:135 Hits:14404

Shop 1 Riverwood Railway Station,
Telephone: 02 95840711
Trading Hours: Mon to Fri 5am- 2pm, Sat 6am-12pm
Coffee: D.O.M. Coffee

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Reviews (130)
2010-08-29 11:45:52

Hi !

Want to say Hi ! All at my favorite Espresso Bar.
Thanks for the my daily order, and your good service.
2010-08-29 10:22:40

Forever Good

We come back from time to time, and find the flavour of the coffee has a slight difference. Which is understandable because of which season the green beans were picked. ( As the Barista explained :- the same coffee plant can change it's flavour due to Soil, Rainfall, Nutrients it receives and how it is Proceessed.

Taking it in all accounts, it is still a Good Cup of Coffee.
2010-08-25 16:46:37

[ Good to be Back ]

Been on Holiday's in the U.S.A. ( the coffee there is like dishwater...Yuck! [ #?%*6@=_+$!!! ]
It's Great to be Back.
2010-08-19 19:57:12


Having read the reviews- I had to have a look for myself - found the same. Not disappointed at all, Amazed.
2010-08-15 18:39:43

Yes when Wanted

This place has great service & Coffee
2010-08-11 17:00:20

"All the Best"

These guy's are so humble that I cannot believe how they do it { There is so much noise, with the RailCorp construction going on at the Railway Station } But they just keep on with making the best Coffee in the area. All the Best....
2010-08-07 20:07:23

Sweet Yummy Coffee

The coffee at this place is so yummy that U don't need any sweetener's.
2010-08-03 22:19:13

Too Good

Thanks for the service and products that is available at your outlet. Too Good for me.
2010-07-31 18:49:48

Lovely Cap!

Lovely Cappuccino to be tasted at D.O.M. Espresso Bar
2010-07-31 18:29:47

Caramel Latte

Simply the ultimate Caramel Latte ( must be the combination of the Coffee and Monin Syrup)

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