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Reviews:54 Hits:11824

87 Crown Street,
NSW, 2500,
Telephone: (02) 4244 0695
Trading Hours: Weekdays 7am - 5pm, Weekends 8am - 4pm
Coffee: Campos

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Reviews (54)
2009-12-09 19:22:24

also... Leigh

this is very funny! you obviously dont know what you are talking about! haha

you have just ripped into the two best cafes in wollongong, swell and lee and me... I smell another cafe owner! hahaha

2009-12-05 10:24:08


So called local 'self professed' coffee experts fail to realise that the quality of an espresso (coffee shot) depends on the settings of the machine. The settings of the machine depend on a whole range of factors relating to the Barista. (ie. strenght of pressing into the grouphead) and amount of grinding of coffee beans. When you have too many 'cooks' Barista's using the machine you cannot guarantee a good coffee.

So yes it may use Campos coffee, but each time I have been there (unwillingly) with friends the coffee has been burnt or just tastes terrible.

There should be one main Barista who sets the machine to their personal factors. At Lee and Me everyone is using the machine so it is hit and miss.....mostly miss.

Also it peaves me when a cafe thinks it cool to let the customer butter their own bread. Why does the culinary world not realise that by the time the toast gets to you and you butter it it is cold. Aaaaarghh. Then to be looked at by staff as a totally unreasonable customer.

You've lost me guys.

Good luck in your next venture.
2009-10-14 08:47:03

Simply outstanding...

Lee and Me has rekindled my faith in Wollongong. I now no longer want to leave (couldn't possibly go a day without my Lee and Me
cappuccino!). The food and coffee is outstanding, the atmosphere is friendly and vibrant + the boutique upstairs stock quite a few little gems :) Thanks, Lee and Me!
2009-09-29 15:17:13


I am a lover of good espresso unless I make it myself I have never had a drinkable espresso in the Illawarra region until today thankyou it was great
2009-06-26 17:22:30

A very nice coffee

A very good coffee thanks lee and me. It was a full house and they still managed to provide me with perfection.

2009-01-13 07:41:52

Lee and Me

Charming atmosphere and delectable coffee
2009-01-06 19:48:38


The coffee and food was spectacular. The service was friendly but a little rushed, they were very busy! The place was vibrant with people buzzing around.

I will be back!
2008-11-23 20:17:14

Best coffee in wollongong

Best coffee in wollongong
2008-11-21 20:41:50

waz there 2day!

jump'd up to lee and me 2day. 2 c what all this talk waz about!

A line up 2 the doors! A cafe in Wollongong with a line up??

Campos I guess

want more? I will jump bak there 2morrow:)
2008-11-15 20:07:48

I love flat whites

I went to lee and me today (Saturday) for lunch and they were very very busy. I almost didnt order a coffee as they looked a bit stressed.

But I did and it was perfect! Perfect!

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