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Reviews:54 Hits:11826

87 Crown Street,
NSW, 2500,
Telephone: (02) 4244 0695
Trading Hours: Weekdays 7am - 5pm, Weekends 8am - 4pm
Coffee: Campos

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Reviews (54)
2008-08-14 10:10:09

Very unimpressed

I love a good coffee as much as the next person and this place didn't have it. The place is quite nice but a little too contrived and put together - I can see they are striving for cool but lack the quality and homely feel.
2008-08-13 18:42:13

Slightly confused...

In coming from Melbourne where the cafe's are in abundance, I am most likely a harder critic than some. However I must say I was very confused with the clothing and cafe combo. I understand the concept - it's certainly not a unique one, however a little hit and miss. Nice building but the plastic chairs don't quite suit, and coffee was quite burnt.
2008-08-08 21:51:12

How cool ARE THE LIGHTS...?

What a cool little Cafe' . Stumbled across it on a dark and stormy Sunday afternoon and wished i never had to leave. The coffee...? HHmmm Campos, say no more. Done by some of the best in the business. Check out the hanging lights, awesome effect....
2008-08-08 10:22:42

Lee And Me Review

Absolutely Excellent! Great coffee, great atmosphere and the best customer service in Wollongong!!!! Definately 12 out of 10!
2008-08-07 12:42:00


huge fan of lee and me. they got the best coffee, food, service, fashion, hangout in town.
2008-08-07 08:33:14

One sweet little spot

I loved it!
2008-08-06 21:12:48


What a cool place.
The staff are cool, the chairs are cool, the clothes are cool. When i go in there, it honestly makes me feel like i am cool... and i've always wanted to be Kool.

I had no idea that drinking coffee could be so cool.

It is obvious how cool it is with so many people writing awesome reviews! Yeh, you guys rock!

When I'm at Lee and Me, i'm living the dream
2008-08-02 11:29:58

good for this part of the world

Just up from Melbourne for a few days and despairing of finding a decent cup of coffee - this place was very good and unusually for this part of the world actually used a small Duralex glass rather than an enormous parfait glass (and the predictable huge volume of bad coffee). The food was also OK - nice muffins.
2008-08-01 20:23:09

Just gotta tell ya

I Like a good cuppa coffee,,,,,,
And this place has it all,,,,,,
(i,v been around the world ,more than once.)
I have now found ,, A great place with great service ,Great staff,,And the best coffee, Why catch a plane,
When i can get on a bus, and head for
Lee and me, !00% Un real,
You got me xx
2008-08-01 08:16:39

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