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Reviews:22 Hits:9188

3-5 Beaumont Street,
NSW, 2296,
Telephone: (02) 4962 2717
Trading Hours:
Coffee: Own Blend

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Reviews (20)
2011-10-20 23:51:20


Bong on!
2011-10-20 15:39:23

Suspend Me!

I wandered into this quaint little coffee shop expecting nothing more than a coffee. I approached the counter and was served by a rather attractive lady who handed me the letter 'W' and promised me my coffee wouldn't take too long.

I waited patiently in the outdoor area. A dog looked at me sideways and I'm also certain the mongrel called me an asshole.

My coffee arrived. I put the cup to my lips and savored my first mouthful. IT WAS HOT AND OH GOD IT BURNT SO MUCH.

I was a little more patient in waiting for my next sip. It was delicious, this was the best coffee I had ever tasted. I downed the whole cup and walked out of suspension with a giant grin on my face.

Twenty minutes later I was on the bus travelling into town. It suddenly dawned on me that the coffee had changed my life. I looked around me and realised that the bus was filled with supermodels and they were all staring seductively at me. Needless to say I took them all home and made them wait in the loungeroom for me while I passed a bowel movement (coffee has a laxative effect on me)

Also I'm now heaps good at skiing, which is cool because I wasn't before.

2011-07-30 20:40:33


I will all the up them selves folk would get over themselves and stop giving Suspension a bad rap. We love it!! It's down to earth, bohemian and just relaxed!

We come from Brissy and it reminds me of West End. Finally a funky-subculture-vibe in Newcastle. *can it be possible*

Bless you Suspension. Stay as you are....wonderful!!
2011-07-05 17:06:29


The other coffee bar owned by Suspension, Good Brothers, in Newcastle has average coffee but the service and food are the worst in Newcastle. Stick to the original Suspension - the monkeys running Good Brothers can barely count change.
2011-04-08 08:23:23


Suspension is without a doubt the best place in Newcastle to get a coffee. Not only is there a refreshing variety of blends and barista styles, but if you have time to sit in the lovely courtyard you'll be rewarded with groovy tunes, friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere not found elsewhere in the city!
2011-01-17 16:39:08

Good then bad then good then ok then great

I've been doing suspension for about a year. An interesting place that has become a bit of a hub for the Bohemian/arty set of Newcastle. The crux of the place, the coffee, is very good. Inconsistency is Suspension's greatest issue. The product varies from excellent to bitter dishwater. Reduce the variance, gang, and you will be numero uno.
2010-11-01 11:30:37


dogs walking through to outside? smokers outside in a fairly enclosed area? dirty cups and burnt coffee?
yeh not my flavour
2010-10-28 13:59:53

Its Fat!

we have been getting our coffe at Suspension since it first opened and its the best!
2010-08-31 06:43:34

The Best...

the best coffee ever...
2010-01-17 20:47:20


GREAT,,,Best coffee in newy..If you DONT like to drink watered down dish water then this is the place..

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