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Reviews:31 Hits:9840

Rear 135 Crown Street,
NSW, 2500,
Telephone: (02) 4229 5579
Trading Hours:
Coffee: Own Blend

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Reviews (29)
2014-03-04 13:30:21


Best cuppa in the gong great lounges and market day retreat
2011-03-13 19:59:58

Thanks trents

Is that the best google could find? Do you have any credible sources?
2011-03-04 15:59:15


love this joint great vibe good coffee only downside it should be open 24hrs.keep it up mike
2011-03-02 04:33:05

hey ristretto

Even though you have 12 years of experience, you may or may not find this helpful.

my best
2011-03-01 11:18:59

Great coffee

The coffee served at swell is of consistently high quality. I thoroughly enjoy each experience at this cafe. Haven't experienced a salty coffee here though, nor have I come across a salty ethiopean varietal in my 12 years as a commercial roaster. Are you sure you didn't add salt to your latte rather than sugar Trent?
2011-02-10 06:28:59

why do you choose to attack me

So I came onto this site to write a review of my experience at this cafe, thats all I did. some one who puports to be the owner cant remember a conversation we had, thats okay, I am not that memorable. But I stand by my account of my experience and I stand by my review. Please come here and attack me some more and while your at it rate youself 5 stars again. Now your just trash and the internet gives me the freedom to spread that.
2010-09-08 20:34:24

More Than a Cup of Coffee

I don't work or live in Wollongong therefore I don't get to go to Swell each day or even once a week, but I go to Wollongong just to go to Swell. Even though my visits are not regular I feel like a regular. The staff are always friendly even to go as far to remember the name of my 6 month baby. Sitting there drinking the coffee they bring to the table, I observe that all people are treated like regulars even on their first visit. The Coffee is by far the best coffee in the Illawarra and after visiting many of the top Cafes in the Sydney Coffee Guide, Swell certainly rates! The Coffee, the friendly service and the atmosphere makes Swell my favourite coffee shop.
2010-08-26 21:25:26

Trent Trent Trent

Well, there it is, the sum total of the usefulness of this type of banter: no one has ever asked me about the saltiness of Ethiopian coffee. Now that's a conversation I'd remember.
Perhaps it was the other owner you spoke to - oh, no wait, perhaps it was the other coffee house you were in?
Me smells a rat...
Nice work.
2010-08-23 20:48:59

this coffee is salty??

I have been here a few times over the past few years. I fully support the attempt to make good coffee locally. When I ask the owner about his coffee containing some Ethiopian bean on account of the salty taste. He suggested that I had no idea that I knew what was talking about because no coffee is salty.
He then went on to tell me that he previously sold for Lazumba?? ( that explained it)
I went there about 10am on 20/08/2010. It was like some sort of kids jungle mothers club so I walked out not really my scene.
2010-06-22 17:42:35

Great start to the day

I look forward to going to swell each morning to get my kickstart to the day. I have tried a number of other places in Wollongong and they simply don't cut the mustard. The girls serving are always pleasant and the owner has always been keen for a chin wag when I go there. It is a nice relaxed down to earth place.

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