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Reviews:31 Hits:9746

Rear 135 Crown Street,
NSW, 2500,
Telephone: (02) 4229 5579
Trading Hours:
Coffee: Own Blend

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Reviews (29)
2010-04-21 14:18:23

swell is swell

Great coffee blended and roasted next door which is the key factor, the place even smells of good fresh coffee.

They also do business selling said roasted beans to customers, which is probably why I always get a smile out of the owner ;p
2009-12-24 07:59:18

What's with the grumps?

Swell is a great coffee house. What's with the grumps? If you think you are so good at making coffee let me know where your cafe is. Swell rates!
2009-12-11 08:24:56

Coffee Scenesters? or Mormons and Caffeine Don't Mix

Good coffee, quiet location and cute staff. Perhaps the detractors are too frightened to say anything's worthwhile for fear of coming off uninitiated. Do you really want the owner of the cafe buzzing over you and grinning idiotically? So the guy doesn't greet people like a Mormon at the airport. Who gives a ****? I just want coffee that doesn't taste like burnt arse and I can get it there.
2009-12-08 19:10:20


Leigh, I think you must be talking about another place. Maybe you should project your insecurities somewhere else. My favourite cafe will be better off without people like you.
2009-12-05 10:34:43

Bad Businessowner

The owner is always grumpy. Does he have a chip on his shoulder or what?

He never says hello.

He kicks the chairs around.

Bad service.

Coffee is okay. But I'm sick of people saying it is the best in Wollongong just because they have a habit of going there in their lunch break.
2009-10-01 21:56:02

yes yes yes

i agree with tall poppy hahaha local radio is so corny..... and fluffy milk ahhhh all the oldies love that hahaha go tall poppy.... swell is one of wollongongs gems.... well there is only two good places in the gong that ill go... good job mick..
2009-05-17 20:01:55

Tall Poppies

Congratulations to everyone for shrewd and well constructed reviews (remember your computer has a buit in Thesaurus). For the Negative Nelly's, we can only hope you get out into the sunshine more often.
Perhaps Swell Coffee should start aiming for mediocre? Maybe fluffy milk, 15 second extraction, and local radio on the sound system? Maybe they should also seek apathetic staff, just to blend in with the local market?
Perhaps we all need to lift our noses out from this beautiful espresso coffee, and appreciate the effort someone has offered to the coffee industry.
The Tall Poppy Syndrome says more about the reviewer.
We love our coffee.
2009-02-17 14:41:17

first or second time?

First time was good, second time was poor.
2008-12-12 18:50:24

Very mad coffee

My coffee was not good!
2008-10-09 09:52:12


Swell coffee has to be the best coffee in Wollongong! The cafe has a relaxed and welcoming feel, the coffee is excellent and the cakes are mouth - watering!

Hands down the best cafe in Wollongong!

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