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Reviews:22 Hits:5119

St Marys Village Centre, Charles Hackett Drive,
St Marys,
Sydney, NSW,
Telephone: (02) 9673 6689
Trading Hours:
Coffee: Gloria Jeans

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Reviews (20)
2012-06-17 11:06:54


You make a commercial decision to finanically support ACL and their homophobic stance. I believe in equality, as such, I make a commercial decision to deny my finances to Gloria Jeans.

Hate to see the profit you make from me, invested against the freedom of our community.
2012-02-02 11:04:51

great coffee in a nice atmosphere

Visit this store a couple times a week. Coffee is of a very high standard. Unfortunately that can be hard to find out west. Would recommend if you're in the area.
2011-10-09 08:29:24

Best service ever

These guys are great when I asked for a double shot caramel latte on a Sunday morning it came to perfection the service and smiles are always welcoming

Best Gloria jeans ever :-)
2011-07-09 13:24:15

Re: Best thing ever.

After reading the uneducated comment that this plebian below attempted to pass off as a "review", I am curious to know whether they have ever been cultured enough to come across the saying "those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?
To make a statement about these young girls needing to go back to school to obtain skills that are not actually taught within the curriculum of our education system at a secondary level is ridiculous. However, seeing as this person was "self-educated" it is clear to see that he is unfamiliar with the way mainstream schooling is conducted. Perhaps instead of spending all your time trying to badmouth 2 young girls, you could use your time more wisely. For example, you yourself could return to school so that one day you may be able to be introduced to the syntax of grammar and punctuation.
However, if you are happy with your inability to coordinate the structure of sentence better than a 6 yr old mentally challenged child, let the motivation for you finding something else to do with your time be your declining sales and customer base that would no doubt be affecting your profitability. Unless of course the child pornography business is booming again so you could sell those photos you so "professionally took.
2011-07-09 12:34:13

What the

what is this a site to **** about young girls. i thought it was to rate coffee. Its not highschool people need to grow up.
2011-07-04 21:06:54

best thing ever

just want to say they make the best coffee ever and since the two sisters have left ,Kristy and alicia the service has been great.those people that think that they were the best you must be as good as them.kristy needs to go to management classes and alicia needs to go back to school and learn how to respect customers.ive seen alicia tell a customer off while kristy just stood there and not say a word is it because its her sister and she is scared to say anything or was alicia the boss well as far as im concerned its the best thing ever that they are gone.the workers are more better and happier and the customers are too.
2011-03-31 19:47:07

Service downhill

I disagree with that fat f*** Jason. Kristy and Alicia were an asset to the team. They made gloria jeans. I havent been to gloria jeans since Kristy and Alicia stopped working there. it made me sick to come to in there everyday and watch jason perve on the young girls. Kristy and alicia used to make the customers feel welcome and would joke around with everyone now all the girls who work there dont even greet you. Talk about service going downhill. It disgusts me because Jason is meant to be a grown man and is attacking young girls. Grow up Jason!. As for you Steve i know who you are and you are a disgusting vile man and you treat the girls like they are your slaves and you expect so much from them.
2011-01-02 19:07:08

Simply the best !

You won't find a better Gloria Jeans full stop. The service is always fast and very friendly and it's the only GJ's i've ever found that does table service. The staff at this cafe have gone from bad to fantastic. I'm here everyday and actually stopped coming in as often due to Kristy and Alicia. Now that they've gone, you actually feel welcome again when you walk in the door. Keep up the great work and awesome coffee's St Marys team !
2011-01-02 12:57:38

Fantastic Store

This is the best Gloria Jeans in the World. Service is fantastic. Couldnt disagree more with "Cynthia" and "Tom". Must be another store you are thinking of. What other Gloria Jeans store has standards as high as this store and delivers your order to the table@
2010-11-11 17:00:20

dont bother with this place

in just a few spaces of weeks, this store had lost most of its great workers, especially Krsity and Alicia, and various others that followed behind and since then the service experience had been pathetic.
You have girls who stands with their backs to you and you can be standing there waiting for service, the same thing happened today, and Tim was there at the coffee machine and he said nothing to the girls in turning around and serve, and he did indeed see me come inside not sure whether this store needs to drum up any cash flow or stay in business but i only go here to grab my coffee but on this disgusting visit, i think I'll travel out of my way to some other store where there is proper attitude-you as the customer, are there to buy, not remidn these guys on minimum wage on how to do their jobs etc. Pathetic. Wont be coming back

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