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2012-09-12 11:01:22
Turak (Guest)
Coffee Alchemy

Best coffee shop in Sydney.

These guys only sell/serve coffee from this shop. No cakes, etc..They are serious about coffee here so you are guaranteed an excellent drop every time.

2012-02-06 10:00:04
Emma (Guest)
Sprocket Roasters

Sprocket is a Rocket

Great coffee and it is all roasted on site which is awesome. Evern better is they sell fair trade organic beans :)

2011-03-15 07:05:18
Dan from USA (Guest)
il espresso (Liverpool St)

Great Staff and French Almond muffins.

I was lucky enough to have this wonderful cafe outside my apartment door. The staff was/is so nice and the coffee was great, did not discover the Almond muffins till the day before I left, they are addictive, chocolate/strawberry or passion fruit. Yum. The staff made a great start to the morning!

2011-01-30 16:49:24
Mr Wong (Guest)
il espresso (Liverpool St)

Top cafe !

I found this place off my iPhone. Im from melb its hard to find a good coffee in Sydney I had espresso there yesterday it was to die for. The home baked muffins were very nice and yummy. If you in the area stop in and have a look they roaster there own coffee.

2010-11-27 13:57:24
Jen (Guest)
Forsyth Coffee and Tea


been coming here a while and i really love the coffee! its damn addictive! the staff are friendly and generally knowledgable about the different coffees and how to make them. I also enjoying sitting in the downstairs courtyard sipping my latte and eating my delicous home made muffin

2010-10-02 08:49:56
Jimmy (Guest)
il espresso (Liverpool St)

Bacon egg roll & med coffee

The bacon egg roll with a med coffee are $8 @ ilespresso that's cheap! And taste amazing!

2010-10-02 08:37:43
Con (Guest)
il espresso (Liverpool St)


I was walking past this cafe on my way to work yesterday and there were people waiting for a coffee. I stop and waited for a coffee to to see want the fuss is all about. With in 3mins I got my coffee and was grea. The staff are really nice. You should check it out.

2010-08-26 09:50:05
il espresso (Liverpool St)

il espresso never disappoints!

There is another il espresso right on the corner of where I work but I refuse to go there, I'd rather walk the extra distance to go to Liverpool Street il espresso!

Their coffee is amazing and the staff are so friendly :)

2010-08-04 11:27:22
Edward (Guest)
Forsyth Coffee and Tea

a real coffee gem

i stumbled across this place a few years ago and have never looked back. Not only is the coffee fantastic but the staff or nice and helpful (as long as you don't get them on a weekend morning when the queues out the door) and the owner is happy to share his vast knowledge of coffee with you if you ask.

2010-07-25 07:55:22
Savva (Guest)
il espresso (Liverpool St)

They got it right

Yesterday I went down to try the coffee from il espresso, I was shocked they made me a perfect latte keep up the good work. The blend I tryed was plantation it was smooth on the palette.

Results 1 - 10 of 58
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