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Reviews:45 Hits:9185

Shop 3/150 Liverpool Street,
East Sydney,
Sydney, NSW,
Telephone: 0415814811
Fax: (02) 83540878
Trading Hours: 7am to 4ish
Coffee: il espresso

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Reviews (43)
2010-07-03 19:14:10

il espresso

The coffee was fantastic, It was just the right temperature. I could sip it as soon as they gave it to me without burning my tongue. These guy know coffee. highly recommended !
2010-06-26 13:26:42

Best Coffee in Sydney

Can't rave enough about il espresso ! The best and finest quality coffee in Sydney. Just love the beautiful crema just like caramel perfect!
2010-06-25 21:55:30

Great service

Guys you ofter a great service, the coffee is very smooth, worth the wait. Go and check it out .
2010-05-27 13:49:13

3 x great

Great coffee, great people, great experience. A rare find.
2010-05-17 17:57:03

The best! What more can I say

Kim & the guys at il espresso never fail to deliver that perfect cup of coffee. That's why I drive the long way round in the mornings, and take a 10 minute walk in the afternoon, to get my fix of the good stuff.
Great coffee & great service, keep it up.
2010-05-14 09:43:54

they CARE

I love this cafe and they are wonderful warm people who run it and CARE about every aspect! very refreshing
2010-05-12 15:04:38

The best coffee shop in Sydney's "East Village" district, if not in the whole of Sydney!

Friendliest staff, best service, best location and tastiest coffee beans. Simply divine! Keep it up guys!
2010-05-12 14:53:18

Second Best

Still looking for better :-)
2010-05-11 17:52:06

One of the best!

The staff are excellent. Always give you a smile and are very welcoming. They go out of their way to give good service.

Salads to order are fantastic as are other great menu items. Good coffee too!
2010-05-11 16:57:00

Fantastic coffee

Fantastic coffee!! Kim your coffee is awesome - your foods and coffee makes going to work more enjoyable

keep up the great atmosphere!!

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