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Reviews:10 Hits:1661

95 North Quay,
QLD, 4000,
Telephone: (07) 3236 4613
Trading Hours:

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Reviews (8)
2011-10-17 07:03:50

Even better than I'd heard

Called for breakfast on a 24 hour stop in Brisbane - bacon and eggs on toast generous helping, great taste and outstanding value. Pascal is rightly proud of his coffee too - had to have large seconds!

Allez les Bleus!
2011-08-13 11:00:31

best coffe m, food &service

after seeing all those good revue we went for breaky few of us , and the eggs benedict are the best ,also the french toast , scrambled eggs and the coffee absolutly great aroma, flavour & taste (not sure what that` eli` person talking about think maybe after a freeby ) anyway check this place guys very good and the prices are cheap.
and this guy been running this coffee for 11 years ,i anderstand why !
2011-08-10 20:52:30

Friday's at Pascal's

For the absolute BEST Eggs Benedict on the planet you just can't beat this place every Friday! Pascal makes his hollandaise sauce from scratch (an almost non existent thing anywhere else these days) and somehow manages to perfect the poached eggs every single time. It's a massive serving of 2 eggs and bacon with plenty of homemade hollandaise and an orange juice as well for ONLY $10.... Yes, breakfast and orange juice for ten bucks! I'm there every Friday for them and I guarantee that once you've tried them here, you will never go anywhere else. If you can fit a coffee in after this massive breakfast, you won't be disappointed either. See you there!
2011-08-10 14:24:08

pascal's deli cafe & catering

I always go here whenever I am in Brisbane, it's the best coffee in the city served by an amiable and friendly patron (even if he is French !!!!!)
2011-08-08 20:44:05

best coffee shop

i have been looking for a great coffee shop and my friend lisa told me about pascal`s cafe that sale the best coffe in brisbane shes been going for few years now.anyway went there last week and OMG its was great its call SEGAFREDO its a fair trade coffe and its also pick by hand and they have they own plantation in sth america .the best ,great service the owner told me he love the cafe and all his regular costumer.the food so good there me and all the girls had lunch friday we had barramundi ,fresh vegetables and risotto ,glass of chardonnay for only $10 and it was nice ,and we have to try the menu there is so many good food here .people you have to try pascal~s cafe great food ,coffe,&friendly service
2011-08-07 22:29:29

great coffe

get my coffe everyday and its a great coffe , the food very good changing every day ,last week had lamb shank with gnocchi so good and good value for money so go and try
2011-04-20 10:14:42


me and my work mate got 2 coffee's that was boiling and burned so we waited 10 minutes to it to cool down and even after that we couldnt drink it so we took back the coffee's and asked for new once and that rude old man that work there sticked the perm' in the coffee and told us that its 50 c' and its good to drink and he wont make us a new one! i was shocked and so ****sssed off never had such a bad service in my life - Dont ever go there those guys are full of **** and the worst coffe maker eveeeeer !!!
2008-03-17 13:46:33

Menu offers Limited Selections

They have fruit juices and fruit salad but otherwise, nothing much if you have special dietary needs. I would love to see them add new items for non-dairy/vegan dietary needs.

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