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Reviews:10 Hits:4213

177-192 The Parade,
SA, 5067,
Telephone: (08) 8331 2744
Trading Hours: Daily 9am-10pm

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Reviews (8)
2011-08-06 18:49:46

2 out of 4

Mawsons Lake, the staff were ignorant and service was non existent, cutlery dirty, furniture torn/ripped/shabby and falling apart. Food was less than average. *
Golden Grove, staff were very average, cutlery was dirty and the food was disgusting, surf and turf was so dried out as if it had been sitting in a Bay Marie for 2 hours before being served . *
Firle, staff were very friendly and attentive, food was better than some expensive restaurants I have visited, decor was clean and in good order. ****
Norwood, staff were friendly and attentive, food was good and decor was good. ***

The difference not only in the food quality but also the way it was cooked between all four I have visited is remarkable with Golden Grove being one of the worst experiences I have had in Adelaide to Firle being the complete opposite and one of the best. The same with the way the premises have been maintained shows the Firle franchise certainly take pride in their restaurant.
2011-05-20 22:50:26

Kids had a blast

I booked in a kids party at caffe primo norwood and was unsure what to order for my sons birthday party, i had 26 kids with 4 adults. The friendly waiting staff suggested a pary platter that consisted of puffy dogs, pies, nuggets and chips- fantastic value for money!!! and they also do 15" pizzas which was value fopr money too. Spend over a certain amount and get a free jug of soft drink..... the kids had a blast, the food came out quick and intensity was only accross the hall. BEST VALUE FOR MONEY, kids made a mess and i didnt have to clean it up! will be reccomending to my friend for birthday parties.!
2011-03-30 22:22:31

Peoples opinion

To all the people who have bagged out CAFE PRIMO NORWOOD, all i have to say is that you are all very sad people who clearlynhave absolutly nothing better to do then to complain about food that are cooked by the rules. You have a problem, dont tak it out on individually owned cafes, take it out on the co-founders. And the staff there were very nice and helpful, 2 thumbs up for them and the hard work they put into it. Especially a young asian lad who works there. The best out of them all. Very professional and friendly!
2011-03-27 13:11:11


had a coupon for breakfast at caffe primo norwood thought we take advantage of this coupon so off we trott,been to breakfast at primo t.t.p and mawson lakes with an enjoyable experience....Norwood Primo should be ashamed of yourselves,the breakfast was terrible the bacon wasn't cooked,there was no toast,no eggs except for scrammbled,no milk for cereal absolutely teribble..... I'm surprised the can keep there doors opened...first and last time we're going there
2010-11-30 22:06:30

Owner must have no clue whats going on...

Me and my partner went for a visit to caffe primo just before our movie. We had a scoopon that we purchased for $29.90. Which included 2 main meals, 10 inch garlic bread and also a bottle of wine.
We usually go to caffe primo on anzac highway, the service there is great, always fast, always generous serving and the staff are always friendly.

We thought we would give this cafe primo a shot, and see if its worth being our new spot..

We said we didn't want the wine, the girl said she will check if they can give us another option.. But they couldn't this is fine, so we just paid the extra and got soft drinks.

While waiting a long time for our order, even with a near to empty dining area, we watched as the staff mucked around near the back area. So we finally get the garlic bread, and it was ROCK hard, burnt and plainly uneatable.
Then like 1 minute after we got the food, and the chicken salad looked like a complete mess. I asked for no avocado and still managed to get avocado. 7/8 of the small salad was old cheap lettuce. a tomato cut into quarters, and onion and like a couple of slices of capsicum. The 3 small pieces of chicken were burnt, like BLACK, tasted disgusting.

A salad made at home, would take a quarter of the time and would look, taste, and satisfy more than this by a lot.

Waste of time, money and effort.

Some suggestions, install security cameras and watch your staff, your chefs, and see what is going on. Hire better staff and get rid of those that are not doing the business any good.
2010-06-02 18:54:26


I ordered veg take pasta. Served with meat Pasta. It was changed to veg pasta after that.
But the quality of Pasta was so poor that i have to throw it away. Will never visit Cafe Primo. Its disgusting.
2009-05-05 22:15:12


I went here for a meal the other day and all that I have to say is that i will be returning as often as possible and telling all my friends about the great food and service they have.
2009-03-31 13:41:51

food poisoning

i recently had pain of eating a chefs salad here and was very ill and had 2 days off work and had to see doc after having very dodgy salmon on my meal. i rang to complain and was told manager would call me back but two days later still was bad enough that girl taking order didnt know how to use computer then sent out entree same time as main meal then argued she didnt know we wanted our entree first,will never go back .

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