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Reviews:7 Hits:2025

31 Jetty Road,
Adelaide, SA,
Telephone: (08) 8294 8284
Fax: (08) 8376 9077
Trading Hours: 8am-9pm Fri10pm Sat 10.30
Coffee: Atomica Bracegirdles Blend

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Reviews (5)
2010-11-03 08:01:53


I have been to all three stores and found that they are really friendly at all of them. Their hot chocolate is great and their hand made chocolates are fantastic.
2010-07-05 01:20:38

The Worst Cafe Service in Adelaide

Been to Bracegirdle House of Fine Chocolate - Cafe at BURNSIDE/Toorak Gardens today experiencing "heavenly" dessert but services like hell. Shocking !!! An old gentleman who work there slamming my latte in front of me and my sisters to hint us that we not suppose to stay too long. Not Only once but a few times! Should have asked us politely instead of showing us the gestures abruptly. Rudest old man i've never seen in a High End suburbs or even in Adelaide. Was i having my coffee in a rural or country area?
2010-07-05 01:12:58

What's the point of having good food when the service is poor!!!

but Hell no, all u experienced was slamming of cofffee cups, "are u girls done with this?" well, shouldn't we ask first then we clear the table? And worst of all, he did this a FEW times!!! Sorry sir, u're history man... PUI!!!

Remember girls it's Bracegirdle's Toorak Gardens
2010-03-07 17:42:09

Best chocolate!

I have visited the Glenelg Bracegirdles twice now , the first taste of their chocolate bringing me back for more! Their service is friendly but they can get quite busy so on my second visit there was a bit of a wait. All worth it for their Belgian chocolate! This is the best chocolate i've had and it's ruined me for any other chocolate! Just the right level of sweetness and smooth creamy taste! Definitely recommend!
2009-08-08 17:08:56

Chilli Chocolate

Bracegirdle's House of Fine Chocolate is somewhere that all hot chocolate connoisseurs should visit. Bracegirdles have Cafes at Glenelg, Toorak Gardens and their new location at Mclaren Vale. I visited the Toorak Gardens outlet with a mission to have their hot dark Belgian chocolate with Chilli. I could have had my choice of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Another delicacy special to Bracegirdle's is the Chocolate Sipper which is warmed chocolate sipped through a straw, where the chocolate is kept warm with a candle.

The hot chocolate came in a generous mug with a brown froth and a chocolate sprinkling shaped to look like a chilli. A marshmallow was included with the mug. The taste of the chilli and cinnamon in the chocolate was great and the chocolate was creamy, rich but not overpowering. This was a great hot chocolate for a rainy day and the best your reviewer can remember. It was well worth the $6 and I look forward to returning to sample the chocolate sipper.
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