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2014-04-11 21:33:18
Edgar VonVant (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach

Burger? Give it a miss

Ordered a "ranch" burger

It was one of those packet burgers. Cheap, imported, microwaved and tasteless. Served in a flabby, stale untoasted white roll.

Came with mesculn which was brown, and ranch sauce from a jar.

Chips were nice. Drinks were bad.

Staff and owners would benefit from some training in how to operate business.

2014-03-27 20:01:05
Emmanuel (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach


My cake was so dense (old) I thought I was eating cement

"New coffee" the sign says. "Baristas choice"the sign says.

The coffee served was so acidic and burnt that I thought we were back in 1970 again. The milk was awful and bubbly and the waitresses was so overwhelmed by her own self importance that she forgot we had even ordered.

2014-03-26 08:14:05
Ilikesoup (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach

Oh dear

My soup was so old that it had become a solid object and tasted like rotting vegetable matter that should be fed to donkeys.

Serve of chips ordered for my 2 year old had more salt than chips and a bottle of Coles sauce???

My partners chicken burger was so lacking in chicken that He thought they forgot to put it in, it should be called a soggly mesculn burger and was served with a large, stale, flabby white untoasted roll.

2014-03-25 20:38:00
Amanda (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach

Unexceptional experience - such a shame!

I won't be back unfortunately, the warm chicken salad consisted of hard egg and wilted lettuce and my husband's fish and chips were both soggy and covered in salt.
A very unexceptional experience.

2014-03-24 07:39:58
Bill (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach

Happy Customer

We had a lovely breakfast here! Great atmosphere, eggs cooked to perfection and a good cup of coffee. Will be back!

2014-03-16 18:55:10
Richard Head (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach


Great location.
Poor food.
Poor drinks.
Poor coffee.
Poor staff.
Interior smells oldish
Mismatched furniture
Great ice cream

Nothing is fresh

Avoid, avoid, avoid

2014-03-08 17:53:40
John (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach

Not much good

Some places never change, and this is one of them.

Food and coffee was very average

Do yourself a favour and don't bother.

2014-03-03 14:10:49
Geoffrey (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach

Good coffee

Alright coffee, nice atmosphere on the beach. Worth a stop in if you're travelling around.

2014-02-27 18:19:21
Curry Muncher (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach

Not nice

They don't even serve curries.

I asked the staff and they said "no curries"

2014-02-21 09:04:47
Adam (Guest)
Juiced Up Kingston Beach


Coffee was a bit burnt and the cake I had was dry.

Results 1 - 10 of 39
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