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Reviews:13 Hits:3404

349 Lygon Street,
Brunswick East,
VIC, 3057,
Telephone: (03) 9388 0966
Trading Hours:

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Reviews (11)
2011-06-18 12:53:25

Always a1

Been going for past 2/3 months, gotta say always a pleasure, consistent good food and service always excellent, polite, friendly and just a nice spot to hang .
It's a regular visit least 2 times a week.
Good job
2011-02-21 15:05:17


El Mirage is under NEW MANAGMENT and the comments about bad service are OLD!! There seems to be a little confusion here! So we recently went to El mirage and the food AND SERVICE made it a special occassion! It felt like a treat! We returned 2 over the last week and each time the service was helpful and offered with a smile and even a joke! On the weekend the service was prompt and efficient but nothing like the week day service! If you dont give this place another go you might never know but should regret it! !
2010-11-18 08:00:34

El Mirage is Fabulous!

Yes I agree. Listen to Heather and stay at home with your screaming babies! But not because the staff are "unfriendly & grumpy" apparently but because, like everyone else, I like to enjoy my breakfast and coffee in peace...go back to Coburg Heather. This place has amazing food, amazing service, dog friendly and lots of space. Excellent established cafe for those who appreciate style, good food & coffee. Melbournes cafe culture at its best.
2010-06-24 14:27:49

el mirage good on you!!!

thank god there is somewhere we can now go that ensures we dont have to put up with screaming annoying children and their selfish indulgent parents- kids don't like cafes so take them to the park or to a child friendly place - did your parents take you to cafes when you were a painful toddler???
2010-06-18 10:40:49

Most unwelcoming cafe in Brunswick

I have stopped going to El Mirage because although the decor/ outdoor verandah etc/ coffee/ food was fine- I always felt lousy after being treated extremely poorly by the staff there. There was only one nice grey haired older lady there. The rest including the male and female owners were (at best) abrupt and grumpy and one has barely put your empty coffee cup down when you are handed the bill and made quite clear that you should leave. People like this just shouldn't be in the cafe business- they clearly don't like what they do or their customers, I also agree that they are child-unfriendly and the miserable atmosphere and hostile service leaves a bad taste in people's mouths.
2010-06-16 18:51:32

Comment on baby crying.

I agree in asking the mother to take the baby away. I go to a coffee shop for a quiet cup of coffee and to chat with friends. The very last thing I want to hear is a screaming baby. Good on the lady for asking the customer to leave. You don't know what people are going though, and need peace for the time it takes to drink a coffee..
2010-06-09 19:03:10

Discrimination of mother and baby

I agree, El Mirage is not baby friendly. My friend and I went into this cafe on a Wednesday afternoon with our 10 month old sons, when my son began to squeal the manager approached me and asked me to keep him quite. I asked her how she suggests I keep a 10 month old baby quite given that he was not crying or throwing a tantrum, he was just being a baby and her reply was " I don't know take him outside, go for a walk do something" In the middle of winter this woman was comfortable sending a mother and child outside in the cold. This woman should be ashamed of herself. The amazing thing about this is that she advised me that I needed to be mindful of her customers, however her customers were outraged at the way my son and I were treated. To all the mothers out there, avoid this cafe at all costs.
2009-09-23 15:15:01

Great food, shame about the service

El Mirage gets busy on the weekend like most cafes, however not all cafes leave you feeling on edge and annoyed when you leave due to the attitude of one very unpredictably moody waitress.

I've had breakfast there regularly since it opened so when friends with their 2 young children from out of town came to visit, that's the first place I suggested we go. What a mistake!
From the moment we walked in till we left the waitress growled at us and the kids the entire time for moving, touching anything and dropping cutlery (kids were 2 & 3yrs old!). We couldn't get out of there fast enough, it was the most stressful breakfast we've ever had since the waitress was clearly angry and very rude towards us.

I haven't been back since. There are far more friendlier cafes in Brunswick to choose from where you can actually relax and enjoy your food without the grief!
2008-12-18 17:58:47

Hot Waiter

how handsome and funny is that waiter at El Mirage? Not only is he smart and stupidly handsome but he is a very good waiter too.
2008-11-14 17:18:06

Georgina of Brunswick

We have decided to give El Mirage a miss from now on because the attitude is so annoying. Small Block (just up the road on Lygon) leaves you with a much better taste in your mouth.

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