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Reviews:26 Hits:5145

36 Watton Street,
Melbourne, VIC,
Telephone: 03 9741 5500
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8:30am-5pm, Closed Sun

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Reviews (26)
2010-08-02 10:41:25


Wow, how can anyone fault these guys! They finally have brought some decent coffee into Werribee not to mention great hot chocolate. And I am glad they have relaunched themselves...the place actually looks and feels better - a great improvement.
I was there just this last Saturday and the place was packed. I guess if you go to any place at closing there wont be anyone there but staff cleaning up!!!
2010-08-02 09:33:55

Wonderful Experience

My experience at Jaffa Espresso Bar (previously traded as The Chocolate Room - Werribee) has always been a great coffee, wonderful hot chocolate and professional customer service. Thank you for great experience, I would recommend you to anyone.

Senior Partner
stat Financial Solutions (CPA)
2010-07-31 15:54:16


Hey Nathan, I go to this cafe regularly and yes Mary is one of the owners but you clearly have no idea about marketing and advertising. It is very common to spread the word about your business in reviews in order to get the word out there! Besides, how do we know you are not another cafe in the area who is just bagging them!!? They have relaunched themselves in order to not be a franchise anymore as they were one before. All it was was a change of name. Small business owners need all the support they can get and not have someone put them down, I speak from experience as I also used to run a clothing shop in the same street. Coffee is the best in are as well!!!
2010-07-29 16:35:46


In the interests of keeping this site fair and un biased I just thought I should point out that 'Mary Mathaou' is actually a co-owner.

As a Werribee resident, this cafe has just re launched itself, however they shouldn't have bothered - same menu and same decor. Overrated Coffee!
2010-07-28 14:54:03

Worst Cafe in Melbourne.

Yesterday I visited Jaffa Espresso Bar in Werribee; it was one of the worst cafes I have ever been to. I heard some positive things about their hot chocolates so I decided to give it a try. When I entered the shop, it was near closing time and the shop was deserted. The staff thought when it was quiet, this meant it was an appropriate time to play loud and offensive rap music that spoke about 'ghetto ****es'.
2010-07-20 15:03:50

Awesome Coffee

The best coffee in town. Always consistent and lovely! They also have nice light lunch. And for the those who prefer hot chocolate, there are 23 flavours to choose from as well as Real Belgian Hot Chocolate made with real chocolate!

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