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Reviews:10 Hits:1167

Shop 17, Centre Place,
VIC, 3000,
Telephone: 03 9650 1855
Trading Hours: Sun-Fri 7.30am-4.30am

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Reviews (7)
2015-07-22 07:47:36

Easily Melbourne's Best Coffee

There is no doubt that Maria at Vicolino makes the very best Coffee in Melbourne. I drink my coffee Black with no sugar. When you drink coffee this way, the Barista cannot hide anything. The coffee is either good or it is not. Maria's coffee is not good, it is GREAT. I have taken a few other cafe owners there who were quite blown away. The Crema on the Long Black served in a glass is something to behold.
2012-08-06 15:07:23


We waited 40min for our meal, they forgot to put it through and offered us drink however, we didn't want anything additional and asked for the drinks to be taken off the bill. The guy wouldn't take the drinks off the bill and told me to **** it up lady. WTF. I have never been spoken to like nor treated like this.. Go jump off a bridge MR. The food was VERY AVERAGE and it's not a clear place. AVOID at all cost!!!
2012-08-06 15:03:15


I cannot believe this place is still open! I've NEVER been spoken to or treated like this before! AVOID this place at all cost. The food if horrible and the staff are the rudest people I've met.
2011-04-30 14:37:43


The food was average and extremely overpriced. The owner was incredibly rude and even abusive towards his staff. Do not eat there. Ever. There are plenty of other lovely places to eat on Degraves St.
2010-11-01 13:14:20

Dreadful service

I would strongly advise avoiding this cafe. The service is dreadful - it is difficult to get served, I waited over 5 minutes for a simple take away order, no-one explained why there was a delay in meeting a simple request for a take away sandwich, prices are extortionate (an extra $5 to eat in?!!) and the guy who served us was rude and arrogant. Avoid, avoid, avoid!!
2009-05-22 10:54:58

The best gluten-free muffins you ever tasted

I love this place - it has great coffee and a huge range of muffins baked fresh daily on-site. But, as a coeliac, the best part is that they bake fresh gluten-free muffins every day, too. They are wonderful. Worth walking from the other side of the city for.
2008-10-11 17:13:36

crap cafe

we wanted a quick lunch, ciabattas were too big for both of us so we thought we'd share one. Waitress seemed okay with that next thing we knew the owner came up to us and said "at least buy a bottle of water to make it worth my while". We were so shocked as was everyone around us. the tables are so crammed we couldn't get out easily so we ran with it. We then noticed the owner verbally attacking her staff member we originally served us saying, you really need to improve your selling style. we didn't get our bottle of water, ate our less than pleasant ciabatta and then went up to pay. had only been there 15 minutes. the owner pointed at me from across the cafe saying "get 12 dollars from that woman". we pointed out that we didn't even get the bottle of water we were asked to pay for. the girl who originally served us got the bottle of water and then said, that will be $16.00 . note - ciabattas cost around $7.50 each.

at this point we said, you don't get it, left the money and said you won't see us again. several people in the cafe looked quite appalled at how we were treated. do not go to this cafe. repeat - do not go to this cafe

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