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Reviews:12 Hits:3575

Shop 6, 54 Pier Street,
WA, 6000,
Telephone: (08) 9325 1170
Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm
Coffee: 5 Senses 54 Blend

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Reviews (10)
2012-03-26 07:18:30

You must be joking

meeting a friend here I asked that the bill be held open in order to treat my friend to COFFEE on my bill. NO, you will have to leave your credit card was the answer. For two Coffees???? I offerred cash to be held instead and the answer once more was NO, we want your credit card. I was, by the way sitting inside. Needless to say I did not hand over my credit card. To add insult to injury I was served my coffee in a paper cup! Never have I felt more insulted. I will never return.
2009-10-25 10:57:48

It's the best!

Love the coffee and don't like going anywhere else to get it!! Don't forget the delicious scones, muffins and banana bread. Yummy!!
2009-10-12 15:39:35

Best in town!!!

These guys have the best coffee ever. It not only tastes great it looks fantastic.

Not only is the coffee good but the food is fantastic. Portions are generous, quality superior and prices affordable.

I eat there every day!
2009-10-11 01:42:03


Cafe54 somehow manages to pull off amazing coffee with cool latte art, outstanding service, relaxing atmosphere and consistently good food. Can't look past it. Melbourne coffee is being surpassed in Perth.
2009-10-10 13:37:21

Great place

Coffee is great, service is great, food is great, wouldn't want to go anywhere else really. Try the muffins and the steak sandwich!
2009-10-09 21:05:52

Top notch!

Since finding Cafe 54 I don't go anywhere else for coffee. I have recommended it to my friends and they now say the same. A warm pumpkin scone and a flat white makes my day!
2009-10-09 02:42:21

Mon to Fri there aint nothin better!

Mon to Fri, every morning of the working week a cafe 54 jumbo flat white is what I really look forward to before my working day begins. Plus if you go in for lunch nothing beats the atmosphere, the polished wood, leather couches, great tunes, the whole sha-bang!
2009-10-09 01:14:32

Best Coffee in Perth!

I went to Cafe 54 to try out their coffee that my friends have been raving about and it was great! They have a great set-up and the coffee is even better. To top it all off the baristas pull off some amazing latte art. I definately recommend this place.
2009-10-08 23:23:30


Cafe 54 is the best cafe that I have been to. It has fresh food, friendly service and the best coffee in W.A.
Next time you are in the city, check it out.
2009-10-08 22:39:25

Great Coffee

Fantastic coffee and great food.
The staff love what they do, and they have built a positive and relaxed atmosphere. Check them out, they open at 6am so its perfect for an early morning coffee on the way to work.

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