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Reviews:14 Hits:5557

5/1297 Hay Street (Entrance on Outram Street),
West Perth,
Perth, WA,
Telephone: (08) 9485 1818
Trading Hours: Mon to Thur: 6.30am -4pm, Fri: 6.30am - 3.30pm, Sat: Barista Classes Only, Sun: Closed

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Reviews (12)
2011-04-19 13:26:53


As far as i'm concerned Epic is as great as ever. Same great service, same amazing coffee with time and love going into every cup. Always worth a visit, they never dissapoint.
2011-02-28 16:43:20

Mmm... coffee...

Even if the quality has declined, I still think this is the best coffee by far in the immediate vicinity. I walk an extra 500m to get coffee from this cafe. Price is however on the high side.
2010-06-22 12:23:19

Lost Opportunity

If you take the time to read thru the reviews you can see the dates and when this icon of Perth coffee started to decline. Sure some places will never be the same with that owner in it but at the least you could have the best staff doing the same job and the boss stays home.. Epic is such a wasted opportunity, i hope the original owners buy it back and bring back that Epic flavour we loved!
2010-06-08 14:48:02


well i want to say it has kept true top its name and been an Epic experience.. but gone are the old days of old. Since the sale im sad to say its missing its personality. The coffee is above average but its not like it used to be. Ims orry Epic was a follower.. :(
2010-01-27 16:14:17

Not as good as it used to be....

I used to go to Epic everyday - i was a regular. However, since Epic changed hands i have noticed a steady decline in the quality of the coffee. I am happy to pay $4.70 for a great coffee, but not for average coffee. The coffee is so average now that i have stopped going, and i know many others that have stopped going also. It is a shame, as it was the best coffee in Perth.
2009-10-15 10:34:00

Good But Not Great

Epic are good, but not as good as they think they are. Unfortunately they have increased their production line and output (to keep up with demand) and the quality has suffered as a result. I was there on opening day when it was good, but I've been dissapointed for the past year working in West Perth. Agreed they are the best in West Perth, but nowhere near as good as the handful of specialists around King Street in the CBD.

Better to try one of the smaller coffee shops in the CBD or Subiaco where the customers are prepared to wait for a better product.
2009-06-17 20:08:48


At Epic if you ask for an espresso they make a double ristretto, if you ask for a double espresso, they make you 4 ristrettos.

What is going on???
2009-02-10 15:15:46

I love this place

Epic coffee is great. They put a lot of extra effort into getting the coffee just right. I love the decor of the place and the really obsessive 'all about coffee' thing.
2008-11-10 19:34:13


Fantastic coffee. The Belgian mocha is the best mocha I have ever had - liquid gold!!!
2008-07-11 22:50:08

Barista Benchmark

As a Barista working in the CBD when asked about the best espresso I could not send my customers to anywhere else but Epic for the ultimate Espresso experience. Apart fro the Five Senses Coffee cupping room this is the only place to sample the best of Five Senses Coffee. And for reference I work at another Cafe!

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