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Bowens Deli, 333 Mill Point Rd,
South Perth,
South Perth, WA,
Telephone: 08 9368 2342
Trading Hours: 7am to 5pm 7 days a week
Coffee: Bonissimo East Timor Maubisse Fair Trade and Organic Certified

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Reviews (7)
2010-07-10 15:39:16

thanks baby bee + joelsnik!

we use a k6 compak grinder, compak k3 was reveiwed on cs against mazzer and just came out on top despite being a couple of hunderd bucks cheaper.
Anyway, 1stImpressions, i'm sorry to hear you've not had the best coffee, yet. come back again, we're a fledgling cafe with staff still harnessing their finer skills in creating the best cup of coffee for you. but let me tell you, with the single origin fairtrade and organic bean from maubisse east timor (Produced in the region closest to perth as possible, then roasted in west perth as required weekly) i've made some espressos here that reveal other dimensions let alone just being real good.
2010-07-09 14:52:28


Good V Best... I go to all the cafes that say they have good best better great awesome bla bla coffee.. I go to the ones that dont say anything. What i do notice is that there is a serious amount of competition between these businesses. If your in an area like South Perth you have to bring your A game coffee otherwise Atomic or even that guy in the IGA mall.. is gonna eat ya. Now this isnt a personal attack on any person or in favour of anyone else, but im not driving to real good coffee, im gonna drive to the best coffee! So put it out there, try to make the best, at least your customers wont be settling for good. BEST of luck, im sure the character of your shop and the local wondering coffee culture will keep you in biz.
2010-07-07 15:24:33

Bloody Brilliant!

Triple3 Deli Cafe is in a prime position, beautiful old almost a heritage building much like a Melbourne cafe. There coffee is a real good WA blend, always fresh and has not been in storage for six months or more!! Great family business, always welcoming and open for a chat. They are just a quaint cafe going up and up! Is currently being redefined/refurbished into a sweet cafe. The coffee is Timorese fair trade. Get down there and support them!!! Great for south perth that needs more and more! Who needs the best coffee when you can have real good coffee! Get a grip, its not a competition, everyone is just doing their bit in life. Love you triple3, I'll always call in for a coffee and a chat and something yummy to eat!
2010-07-06 15:42:40

Response to joelsnik

hi there joelsnik, your right it does say REAL GOOD COFFEE. I suppose my point is its not good... well thats harsh its not really bad coffee, but if i can get a coffee anywhere thats "good" what is their point of difference....I mean wouldnt you rather your sign read BEST COFFEE? if all they are going for is good.. your just banging out coffee.. Have you seen the likes of Elixir or Velvet or 54 or Spring or Cimbalino.. there is a list of great coffee places that clearly love their coffee and make every cup with care and passion. My cup from 333... well i wasnt asked what i wanted. and whatever they made they asked if i would like a splash of cold milk because it was very hot? Thanks joelsnik for setting me straight.
2010-07-06 13:41:35

REAL good coffee, just like the sign says.

Really enjoy 333, tis a great place to drop in for a tasty home baked cake or slice and some nice timorese fairtrade beano. Really lovely family run business...

P.S. comment below, the sign claims the shop has REAL GOOD COFFEE, it says nothing about being the best... Pfft learn to read.
2010-06-21 15:48:37

Triple 3..

They have a sign out front claiming to be the best coffee. Im sorry i think they need to have a look at the grinder or something. Not so crash hot. I would say a 5/10.. im sorry but i went to Dome South Perth after. I hope this review picks their game up what a waste of an awesome location!
2010-05-02 16:18:54


triple 3 dei cafe
real good coffee alright
toasties milkshakes
awesome shop
low key

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