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Reviews:79 Hits:7264

Gull Service Station, Cnr Solomon + Armadale Road,
Perth WA, WA,
Trading Hours: 7am - 3ish Week Days
Coffee: Bonissimo

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Reviews (74)
2010-10-04 08:06:45

Best coffee

You have to see this van. best coffee i have ever had. best coffee in perth. go woogi
2010-09-28 16:20:49


I live in Success just near Gateways Shops. I only found out about the Woogi Van last week. My mates said get your coffee from the Blue caravan at the Gull.. Its easily the best in Jandakot. I agree awesome coffee.. Dont go past the cookies either ! So its easy to see why they have 500 hits and all these positive reviews great coffee !
2010-09-20 15:55:29

Woogi Puffs

Im not surprised to see so many happy customers. Great coffee!
2010-09-20 11:01:14

Gregs Coffee

Large Flat White with two sugars. When the woogi guy makes it he stirs in the sugar and the milk is creamy and smooth. I love it much better than any coffee ive had!
2010-09-16 12:30:03

Not Today

I wish to remain anonymous.! As im an employee at a local cafe and come to Woogi Van to try their offering. Well i have to go back to my cafe and make sure i start living up to the local caravan! sad i know but Woogi coffee is getting rave comments from my customers and they asked why hadnt i tried it yet. Clearly i should have earlier. Its a great coffee i concede and i will be working harder to make mine as good.
2010-09-15 13:38:51

Liquid Sunshine

Sorry for being so bold in the title, but i believe that i have found my very own liquid sunshine in woogi puffs walk up cafe. The coffee is better than great and they do know what customer service is! You can go to the other local shops if you want but for me in Atwell Woogi Puffs are the best! Try them.
2010-09-14 14:22:48


I read most of these reviews and the ones on other sites say the same thing.. AWESOME PIES, great coffee and funny buggers doing it! thanks WOogi boys see you soon.
2010-09-13 10:07:14

Great coffee

The best coffee in atwell possibly perth. the woogi van is awesome dont waste ur time going to central go woogi
2010-09-12 12:06:18

Best coffee in perth

in my opinion this is the best coffee in perth. on thursday in the rain i saw this colourful caravan with great coffee or its free. after trying it i think they 'woogi' are under selling. i cant get a decent coffee,from a cafe these days an a dude in a caravan at the gull servo is doing it all day. awesome
2010-09-11 08:21:16

I love the puff

i got a box of choc dipped woogi puff. they are wicked pastry shells with custard cream filling. i dont know how to describe how good they r. go get a box for urself.

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