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Reviews:79 Hits:7243

Gull Service Station, Cnr Solomon + Armadale Road,
Perth WA, WA,
Trading Hours: 7am - 3ish Week Days
Coffee: Bonissimo

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Reviews (74)
2010-09-08 12:39:30

Truckie Bob's Review

Thanks for the service today Woogi man. I am a truck driver and love a good pie. I cant believe the pies you make. "Great" does not do it justice. Big lots of meat and the hand made goodness. Im comming back again and again. Thanks for the best pie in perth!
2010-09-03 15:10:51

Should be more Woogi!

Is definitely the best coffee in Atwell. !
2010-09-02 10:53:37

Good start

Great coffee just like the sign says
2010-09-01 14:05:46

Clearly another fan!

It didnt take me long to find a forum praising this company. I highly recommend you visit Woogi Van at the Gull station in Atwell. They have a great pie, probably one of the best in WA. And yes the coffee is also great. I appreciate the customer service as well. Im looking forward to becoming a regular customer.
2010-08-30 13:23:20

Wicket Pies

Thanks for the tip boys. Your right, you do have the best pies round. The mocha is awesome too. Catchya,
2010-08-26 20:26:12

A Local Gem

Thanks Woogi once again for a great coffee and what i call your signature ham cheese croissant. You have to have the best food round this area. I cant believe that the likes of huge franchise businesses cant make a coffee like yours. Not even the W*&^ Bean ... which until a few weeks ago (since i started coming to you) was just tolerable. If i ever see a random caravan on teh road im gonna check it out thanks to you guys. Really surprising best coffee in Atwell for sure!
2010-08-25 13:46:02

Great Coffee!

If your reading this to figure out if your going ot visit the Woogi guys then stop right now, get into your car and do it! All your doing is wasting time reading these opinion from randoms like me who think they know coffee.. as far as im concerned its the best coffee in my area "Atwell" and i have tried them all. And the food is awesome as well. So wait no longer try it for yourself and leave these guys a message so they know you liked it!
2010-08-20 15:00:20

Concreters Dream

Hey Woogi Puffs im the tradie that came in today.. awesome grub the pie was awesome! will be back again. Probably the best pie in perth. Will try the great coffee deal next time too. Thanks heaps
2010-08-14 08:31:15

what about the pies

Woogi van is awesome. best pie in perth if not wa. had a hot choc on friday morning wit a thai red chiclen pie. best great awesome. try them.
2010-08-12 08:51:53

Wake up

Great coffee or its free... need i say more. Well i will anyway. i saw an opportunity to get a free coffee... um sadly mistaken an now im hooked and have to have my woogi coffee every day.

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