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Reviews:79 Hits:7244

Gull Service Station, Cnr Solomon + Armadale Road,
Perth WA, WA,
Trading Hours: 7am - 3ish Week Days
Coffee: Bonissimo

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Reviews (74)
2010-08-09 11:29:52


great forum has heaps of nice coffee shops ala these guys .. great coffee hand made food nice one.
2010-08-04 15:05:00

Pies are awesome

Hey if you havnt been to this place do yourself a favour and try them. Awesome ! the coffee is good too.. wait the coffee is great!
2010-08-02 16:00:50

Great Coffee ! Really

The guy said his sign isnt a Promotion its a promise! and yes its great coffee. So unexpected from a van. Very impressed by the pies as well. Worth a drive round for a look.
2010-07-27 15:16:15

Repeat Customer

This is a very good no... "GREAT" coffee and it comes out of a van! i was apprehensive at first but now im a repeat customer. I had a Woogi Puff.. cause the guy said its the only place to get them, good stuff see you again soon.
2010-07-26 11:18:03

Very nice product!

Easy to rate a great coffee! I will try the hand made produce next time because you had sold out.
2010-07-21 13:27:47

Full Belly!

Thanks Woogi. I just got your famous steak pie for lunch and its a winner. I had the pie and coffee deal great value for $9 beats any mrs macs any day of the week. I will be back for the sausage roll tomorrow.
2010-07-20 13:23:15

GO the pies!

At Woogi Puffs that is :P Thanks boys great pie as usual and awesome morning coffee for my belly!
2010-07-19 16:39:01

"I Want a Pie"

Hey "I Want a Pie".. i fully agree.. these pies are sick! i drove from Rocky on my way to Byford and stopped at the Woogi place for their pie. Probably the best pie in perth. I mean you dont have much competition with Mrs or that joker ...
2010-07-19 08:58:01

woogi in my morning

Im sitting in my car wit my woogi coffee yum.
2010-07-18 19:14:01


Sat am is the only time i can get to go to the woogi van! do it its great.

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