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Reviews:79 Hits:7245

Gull Service Station, Cnr Solomon + Armadale Road,
Perth WA, WA,
Trading Hours: 7am - 3ish Week Days
Coffee: Bonissimo

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Reviews (74)
2010-07-16 15:15:22

Hard to Impress..

Im very hard to impress. I'm a business owner and i love to put claims like "great coffee or its free" to the test. Well tested and honestly a great coffee. The food is good too, better than the lunch bar i usually go to, hand made stuff with real meat! anyway i took the time to recommend these guys now its your turn to have a look. Thanks Woogi Van see you soon,.
2010-07-15 13:42:45

Nice Coffee

I mean Great! thanks fella see you tomorrow
2010-07-14 20:23:07

Cheap fuel great coffee

As a proffessional driver i make sure i frequent the cheapest fuel sites. Now that got easier when the Woogi van arrived at my local gull. easy to chat to the boys seem to have time for everyone. Now i get great coffee and customer service and cheap fuel.
2010-07-14 15:31:28

I want a Pie!

It been three days i come in and the pies have sold out.. not only that to add insult to injury i saw a guy eating one today and he was making the sounds .. oooo and aaaahhh like it was the best pies in perth or something. If its anything like your coffee fellas im in. Save me one!
2010-07-13 06:53:06

Pies Are Awesome

Good morning coffee and a Woogi pie is a great start to the day. thanks Woogi
2010-07-12 12:05:54

Great Coffee

I went to this Gull on Saturday, Great coffee as described.
2010-07-11 00:16:59

As Seen on Today Tonight

So i was watching Today Tonight on Friday and saw my local Gull Servo being featured as part of cheap fuel offers. In the background.. WOOGI WALK UP CAFE! i see it when i get fuel but never tried it till today. A bit of google later and they are on the net! My opinion is the coffee was definitely great. In the rain, that small van pumped out 7 or 8 large coffees in about 5 mins while keeping the people entertained with stories of the woogi boys adventures. Funny fellas and great coffee!
2010-07-08 14:33:39

Great Coffee

The banner said great coffee or its free.. well i paid for it! couldnt even lie my way to a free coffee, it was great. Ran out of pies again though.. so close to getting one i will have to try again tomorrow. Thanks boys.
2010-07-07 12:53:46

Tradies Deal

I got a tradies deal yesterday from the Woogi Van. Coffee and hand made pie. The pie was huge full of actual meat! yeh you heard me. Im not a coffee guy but i would say it was pretty good. Definitely coming back for the pie.
2010-07-06 15:31:35

Great Coffee

If your looking for value for money hand made food you cant go past the Woogi Van. They make these pies that are insane! im going out on a limb, BEST IN PERTH!! i can see the chunks of meat, i can taste the flavour and the pastry is buttery and awesome. Gone are the days of the tired old servo pie. Did i mention the coffee... yep GREAT!

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