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Green Ethiopian 'Harrar Mao Horse'
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Green Brazil Monte Alegre Pulped Natural
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3. Green Ethiopian 'Djimmah'
Green Ethiopian 'Djimmah'
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Green New Guinea (type will vary)
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Green Colombian Supremo 'Bachue' Scr 18
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"I did want to complement you on your service. I no sooner ordered and I received the article. I will recommend you to my friends and if I ever need anything again I will not hesitate to contact you. Thank you so much."
Mrs L Norton-Foote
"For coffee lovers, nothing can be more convenient."
John, Redfern NSW Australia

Award Winning Award Winning

Try some of Australia's finest Award Winning beans judged by the RAS experts!

Awards are based on the following classes: espresso, plunger coffee, single origin plunger coffee and cappuccino.

All beans are roasted in Australia and represent a superior standard starting from the whole bean to finished product, appearance and taste. Award winners are displayed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), a not for profit organisation run the yearly Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show. The Coffee Competition was introduced in 1988. Other competitions include Wine, Cheese and Dairy Produce, Olive Oil to name a few.

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This coffee was grown in West Java, at 1,200m above sea level, and only recently known to the outside world. The "TimTim" varietal is produced on small-holder farms. The coffee is semi-washed, and is dry hulled, unlike the process used in Sumatra. Th 
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Our Kopi Luwak Wild is sourced the from Gayo Highlands of Sumatera, Indonesia. It is 100% produced from wild civet cats. The raw coffee is more rare than that produced by domesticated civets. The beans are carefully hand-picked and undergo chemical-free h 
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