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Indonesia Java Sunda Hejo microlot

Categories: Glory Coffee, Single Origin, Award Winning
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This coffee was grown in West Java, at 1,200m above sea level, and only recently known to the outside world. The "TimTim" varietal is produced on small-holder farms. The coffee is semi-washed, and is dry hulled, unlike the process used in Sumatra.

The coffee is 100% sustainably grown by the farmers, who hand-pick only properly ripe cherries. The Sunda parchment is naturally sun dried on tables made locally from native bamboo.

The resulting coffee has mild acidity, moderate-full body, caramel, fruity, chocolaty aroma, and very sweet flavour like berry, chocolate and caramel

We find this coffee to be complex, with very mild, clear, green grape-like acidity, smooth body and very low bitterness or harshness. In all, it is an exceptionally well-balanced coffee ideally suited to siphon or ice drip filtration. The hand-poured filter method will also produce a great cup but with far stronger acidity.