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Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate arrow Cinnamon Spiced African Red Drinking Chocolate 200g

Cinnamon Spiced African Red Drinking Chocolate 200g

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Cinnamon Spiced Drinking Chocolate

The secret for any great flavoured blend is to combine them just so that no one flavour predominates. The spices have to work in concert with the exquisite cocoa so that they complement each other. The skill is to blend in such a way, that none of their extraordinary qualities are hidden, but rather enhance each other. A true flavour marriage.

This is one of the most pure and sumptuous chocolate experiences you can find. It is sourced from the best cocoa growing regions of West Africa. It exhibits all the hallmarks of superb African Forastero cocoa beans and a hint of Trinatario cocoa beans with delightful high fruity notes. Blended with four freshly cold ground spices direct from the “Spice Islands” with cinnamon predominating, in a sophisticated European style of spiced drinking chocolate. The cinnamon was procured from an amazing Sri Lankan cinnamon farm which I have visited and been incredibly impressed by not only the singular flavour of the cinnamon, but by the fair and equitable work practices of this small and ancient farm. This region has an ongoing history of growing cinnamon for over fifteen hundred years.


Dissolve 1 heaped tablespoon per cup in a little hot water to make a thick syrup, add hot milk to taste. For a smoother, richer sensation, steam in milk using an espresso machine.